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It is my hope and prayer that in the midst of your wild life you find some peace, inspiration, answers to your burning questions, and a few giggles as well while you’re here.

The Things I Have Been Asked!

“My kids are too social to be homeschooled!"  Oy.  I hear this ALL the time when someone strikes up conversation with me about homeschooling.  My question I often ask back to them after saying, “Well, homeschool isn’t for everyone for sure, but that being said. . . Do...

What Is Gluten and Why I Had to Eliminate It.

My adventures of going gluten free and why I had to do it.   What is gluten anyway? Well, it hasn't always been horrible.  But, gluten is a mix of two protiens that are present in wheat and many other grains.  If you want to get technical, they are called gliadin and...

What is this Wild Peace and Whimsy blog?

Welcome home people!  All are welcome! About the name-  Life is wild at my house; life is also peaceful in some strange way.  We are always up to something! We find humor in many things, and laugh as much as possible. It is so super important to us to be as healthy as...

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