Wait, What?

It’s already a New Year?!  And it’s not only a New Year; but it’s February too!

So I had a glitch!  Big surprise, but life happens. I ended up having to move my blog to another platform.  Yeah.  It was a HUGE learning curve, and much frustration along with celebration, and I also learned quite a bit as well.  So you take the good and you take the bad and there you have. . .  finish this famous line from the beginning of one of my favorite childhood shows!?? Anyway, back to the original post that had to wait and now it’s quite a bit late; but that’s okay. It’s The New Year! Whatcha going to do with it?! Will you make a New Year’s resolution? Will you just continue on as you had before? What are your plans for this year? What is it you want to accomplish this brand spankin’ new year?  Personal goals? Travel? Exercise more? Serve others in need more? Become healthier?!!! Learn a new skill? Try not to pick your nose anymore?  Do you know how many adults I see at red lights STILL picking their nose?  Apparently the struggle is real for many people!  Okay back to resolutions: Trying to quit being so judgmental? Want to lose weight? Buy a home? Become a new mommy or daddy? Try to make your bed every single day?  Or something even more simplistic, like vowing to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom; and we all hope it’s NOT that, because, well, that’s gross just like picking your nose.  But we all have struggles. . . right?  I’m not judging! LOL But really in all seriousness a new year is a new beginning, another go at it, a time to make changes, and mend the broken fences and most importantly a time to really make a difference.  I used to look at the new year as just another day.  Sometimes I still do.  I have a tendency that I get from my dad to do something my mom has always called, “ride the rut.”  I’m guilty.  I’m 107% guilty of riding the rut.  I get comfortable and like what I’m doing, and I get busy being Mom and everything else like, the handy-mam, the plumber, (I do all of the repair work on our home because it’s a way of saving money BIG time) the janitor, the teacher, the wife, the barber, the cook, the veterinarian, the photographer, the nutritional health coach, the carpenter (one of my favorites!), the chauffeur, and every other job title I hold.  So, many times I just continue doing what I’m doing every year.  AND I’ve never been big advocate of saying “Happy New Year!!”  I’m a bit stodgy about that and kind of think it’s dumb, and to be totally honest it really aggravates me sometimes. However, the older I get the more I’m realizing how important new years resolutions can be. Wait, I forgot that I’m not getting any older, only my number is getting higher.  In my brain, I still see myself as a kid or at least at maybe 20.  Anyhow, resolutions give us goals to reach for and a time for growth and change, self-reflection, like, why is my age going up so fast and how did two of my kids already become teenagers?. . . okay, so maybe not that kind of self reflection. That kind is ROUGH on the heart. But new resolutions give us time to strive to be the feet of Jesus and work towards improvement and self-reflection.  So, I’m working on getting better at the whole new years resolutions thing. Most people make resolutions such as, to eat healthier(which I LOVE), lose weight, get a job, get a different job, get married, get organized, get out of debt. Those are all wonderful resolutions, however, we need to do better.  We need to be far less selfish with our resolutions.  Don’t get me wrong.  Any new years resolution is a great start, especially if it’s to become healthier and eat better.  Chew on this: If you aren’t healthy or aren’t feeling at your optimum, then you can’t give your best, do your best, or much less, serve others with your best.  That includes your family and children too, and if you can’t be your best for them then you can’t be your best for anyone else either. So just digest on this thought- what if along with our personal resolutions we also had resolutions to help or benefit other people or animals?  What if everyone made a resolution to do one act of kindness every single day? To smile at everyone you pass instead of staring into your stupid phone while walking(this also irritates the snot out of me)?  Just do something nice for someone every single day. Or how about, donate your time to serving those in need or those down on their luck “x” amount of times this year?  What about a resolution to raise money for a good cause and then donate said money towards a charity near and dear to your heart?  Can you even imagine how far and wide those resolutions could go; even the most simple ones?  It could start a huge kindness revolution.  A resolution to start a kindness revolution! Can you imagine how many peoples hearts would be touched and lives changed in one year? It could turn into a habit or a tradition or even a game for your family every year to start over and do another kindness revolution resolution. We could change the world people, with our new years resolutions. So, my new years resolutions would be this: to finish everything I have started this year, and it’s a lot; to get more involved with helping those in need. I also want to be successful in encouraging others to make the change to become healthy and make healthy eating choices, and to help those who need to go gluten free do it with ease.  Maybe I will start a kindness revolution and document it somehow without it looking too braggy or boastful; but I’m not sure how to do that. Suggestions welcome.

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