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Afternoon, morning, evening!  Whatever time it is that you are reading this, hello!  I promised that I would blog about how to bullet proof your immune system and all natural ways to make sure the FLU doesn’t attack you or those you love!

Whoofers!  Can you believe just how much sickness is going around?  It makes my head spin; and for some you it’s what a germaphobe’s nightmares are made of!  Mine, however are made of large hairy spiders, and scorpions, and bad nutrition(imagine that!?).  *shiver!*  I know, the last one is pretty lame.  But, it’s my passion and truth be told, I do fear things that I see in the grocery stores that are considered food!! I have my opinions on why the flu and other illnesses are so rampant right now.  Everyone may not agree and that’s okay.  But, the quality of the food you eat affects your immune response so very much!

Remember this: If you eat food made by people wearing white coats and hair nets in a factory warehouse, expect to see many other people that wear white coats and stethoscopes.

“Fact for the day:  99% of your ailments come from your gut.  Your gut is your second brain and regulates so much more than just digestion!”

Bullet proof your immune system:


1. Cut way back on anything with sugar!  This includes, cane sugar, cane syrup, high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup. Sugar lowers the immune system response and makes your body super acidic.  This makes you more susceptible to infections and viruses. If you need something sweet try using unrefined coconut palm sugar(tastes like brown sugar and is 1 to 1 baking substitute), or 100% pure maple syrup, or stevia to use as a sweetener.

Glorious Greens

2. Eat twice as many greens as you do fruits.

Red Meat and Pork

3. If you are a meat eater limit your red meat and pork intake, especially during the months where people seem to get sick more often. These foods are hard to digest and can cause inflammation in your body.

Vitamin D and C

4. Up your Vitamin D from your regular daily intake starting in September and through March. People generally get less sunshine in those months than the summer months causing our Vitamin D to be lower. The average person should have at LEAST 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 a day and more if you don’t get any sunlight or are feeling depressed, anxious or it’s flu season.  Vitamin C is vitally important as well.  It is very hard to overdose on Vitamin C, so load up!  Take extra and you will be amazed at how wonderful you feel!


5. Sleep at least 8 hours.  Not 6, not 4, not 7.75, but 8-9 if you are an adult.  Your children need upwards of 10-12 hours, even teens because their bodies are growing rapidly and that takes energy as well.


6. Do NOT drink soda.  I think I saw some eye rolls and heard a few groans.  But, come on people!  Wake up! This really makes your immune system have to work super hard.  Not only has the soda been sitting in a can, but it also has so much sugar it shocks your pancreas and lowers your immune response to a crawl.  If you need the carbonation I will post about kinds of soda that aren’t as terrible but still not the best thing.  Or better yet, drink a Humm Kombucha, it’s carbonated and delicious!

Fermented Veggies

7. Eat some kind of fermented veggies.  I personally hate fermented carrots, but love Bubbies Saurkraut.  This keeps your gut flora really happy!!


8. Drink kombucha and take a probiotic daily.  Every single day, take a probiotic; preferably the ones in the refrigerated section.  I will post my favorites in my round up post so you can see what we love and use regularly.

Oil of Wild Oregano

9. Oil of wild oregano will boost your immune system and is also one of the most potent antiviral, antibiotic, and anti fungal remedies out there.  You can take these in capsules (especially as a preventative during flu season!) or you can get drops that are already mixed with olive oil and put it under your tongue(not for faint of heart).  Know that this is a hot oil, and it feels as if you consumed a jalapeño or something hot like that.  However, my husband and I, and all three of our kids are fine with a few drops in honey or just mixed with a sip of water.  I find that the drops seem to work faster if you need relief fast or if you are already fighting an invasion on your immune system. (If you are pregnant please consult your OB or just don’t take oil of oregano as this is too powerful for safe consumption while growing a human unless you are given the OK by your OB).


10. Cut way back on drinking juice.  Orange juice has the same amount of sugar as a coke.  Even though it is natural sugar, your body still doesn’t know what to do with that much sugar and it can not convert all of that into usable energy.

It’s time to eat to live!  For real!  The flu this year is no joke!  So eat to live and eat good, healthy, whole, fresh, unprocessed food!  You are what you eat.  Are you healthy?  Is your immune system up to par!?

*I am not a medical doctor, nor is my information meant to replace your doctor.

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