Homeschooling Myths You Need to Know are ONLY Myths and Gossip


Well, homeschoolers have a reputation of being weird.  Maybe we are.  We have a pet turtle named Yertle who thinks he is a cat.  Some people think that is weird. Yeah yeah I know, we homeschoolers have a long repeated reputation or stereotype of being weird and unsocialized.  Well, here are a few myths you should know are ONLY myths!

Homeschool Myths De-Bunked!

Homeschoolers are all weird.

Well, first of all, everyone is weird to someone. Homeschoolers may do things a little bit differently than many other people; but what would people have to talk about if we didn’t do things differently or weird?  Perhaps some  homeschoolers think public schoolers are weird?  Hmmmmm. . .  Personally, I like to be different, because it’s fun and memorable and gives people something to talk about. If you think about it, no one who has ever made history has ever blended in with everyone else.  Am I right?  LOL I heard recently this phrase that made me laugh over and over again!  “I fit in about like a hair in a biscuit!”  OMG I have laughed at this so many times.  I can SO relate to it. I have always been different and always marched to the beat of my own drum, and that phrase just made my day!  I think at times I actually strive to be the hair in the biscuit. Hahahahaha 

They All Dress Alike!

Homeschool families all dress alike and maybe in long denim skirts with plaid shirts. – Wrong!  Well, I’m sure there are a few of those somewhere out here in the sea of homeschool families. But there are weird public school families as well.  If anything, there’s a bunch more of us homeschoolers that may or may not be guilty of wearing pajamas whilst schooling. This habit however, needs to stop at some point because kids need to be expected to get up and get dressed and ready for the day as if they were going to school or work. Yes, even homeschoolers get up and get dressed for the day; not everyday maybe, and certainly not everyday in the younger homeschooling years!  So to debunk that myth, we all mostly dress just the same as non-homeschool families except for the fact that our kids do school in their pjs sometimes.

Homeschool Kids Are Unsocialized

SMH. Nope, far from the truth for the majority.  I’m sure there are a few of those families out there that have unsocialized kids; but the general population of homeschool families are not like that.  In fact, we homeschool families actually quite possibly socialize TOO much sometimes, especially in the elementary and early middle school years.  I mean if the weather is ever so lovely we all meet at parks to play while everyone else is in school, or we plan as many field trips as we can for as cheap as we can and see who we can get to give us “behind the scenes” tours.

One little thing that may be considered strange by some is: We decide on a whim to just up and go on a nature hike collecting as many things as we can, and then look at all of our treasures with magnifying glasses, and look up what exactly we found sometimes praying we didn’t just pluck some kind of crazy poisonous vine that will make us itch for weeks!  Then we realize that we should buckle down for a few days and get some work done on paper.

We even are known to raid our neighborhood pools in the mornings (it counts as PE) as long as it’s still warm enough.  And we have had a few un-back to school pool parties after public school starts. Homeschoolers have a little bit of rebel in them I think. Most homeschool kids that we know all play sports of some kind or are very active with preforming arts, church youth groups or other group activities.

What I can say, is that my kids have learned SO much from “living everyday life” not in a school building everyday, being put into all kinds of situations with ALL ages of kids and adults that this aspect of homeschool has been wonderful. It’s not really anything you can relate to unless you have experienced it. You will find that most homeschool kids are generally very well rounded with being able to socialize with anyone, anywhere.

As for sheltered, of course there are a few out there who are very sheltered, however, most aren’t sheltered at all in the way you think. Most homeschooled kids ARE sheltered from the things like peer pressure and bullying that goes on daily in public schools for many kids.  Although they still get a taste of it with participating on sports teams and other large group activities; and I think that’s fine, a little bit is okay and good for them to learn to deal with as it is part of life, even for most adults.

Homeschool Kids are Deprived of Certain Experiences

Homeschool kids are deprived of certain experiences that public school kids get to experience. – This actually goes both ways.  However, when I hear this, it’s mostly people referring to things like prom and homecoming dances, football games, graduation ceremonies. . . and more.  But, behold, homeschoolers actually have these things as well!  We even have classes that groups of homeschool students take together either in someones home, at a park, or at a homeschool hybrid school that meets anywhere from 1-3 days a week depending on the age of the student.  So homeschool kids do know how to sit in a class setting as well.

So, there are the top homeschool myths de-bunked!

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