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About the name-  Life is wild at my house; life is also peaceful in some strange way.  We are always up to something! We find humor in many things, and laugh as much as possible. It is so super important to us to be as healthy as we can by eating to live, taking care of our “primary food” which is not food you eat, but soul food; how you take care of yourself and manage your work/home/play life balance.

We are animal magnets and rescue those needing rescue, birds, cats, dogs, turtles; if it has a heartbeat then we will usually rescue it if needed.  Animals are just amazing and wonderful creatures and we love them BIG!  We currently have 4 rescue kitties that range in age from 12 down to 1. We also have a turtle (Yertle), who actually just lives among the cats in the house and he probably thinks he’s a cat.

We homeschool our 3 children ranging in age from 15 to 10.  We have homeschooled forever basically, well, since our oldest was in first grade. I swore I would never homeschool. . . Yeah, God has a crazy sense of humor.  Our life is crazy and chaotic but there is a peace about it that surpasses all. But anyone who loves Jesus and follows Him, truly follows HIM is in for some wild peace!  The ride may be wild but He will give you peace about it and sprinkle in lots of fun too.

Our son who is 15 runs a very successful lawn business in our neighborhood providing mowing, blowing, edging, weed eating, hedge trimming, laying of much and pinestraw, pressure washing . . . and all kinds of things.  This is his passion right now besides anything to do with aviation.  He’s been passionate about it since he was 2.  He is living his dream really.  I will also blog about him and his crazy busy schedule.

We also have 2 girls who keep us laughing and on our toes all the time; and whom we are extremely proud of as well.  They haven’t found their passion yet and that is totally fine!  They are busy being kids, and I love it for them!  My middle one who is 13, super laid back, go with the flow, bookworm and lover of cats and all things art and crafts is wanting to start babysitting for her job one day, or make homemade soaps; she’s still thinking that over.  We shall see what calls her name.  The baby of the family is 10, and she is just one funny, Jesus loving, filter lacking, lover of all living things kind of girl. She is a stick of dynamite and you will hear of her as well I feel sure!

Me, I am an adventurer, carpenter, photographer, artist creating anything and everything. I am all about fun!  In fact, when I was little, I’m told that I used to say “That’s the fun about it!” all the time.  Somethings never change. I am super super frugal, so I fix whatever I can fix or build on my own. Carpentry is my relaxation, so I build anything I can.  I also love to cook and create recipes, and I have to be gluten free, which means that if I cook it in my house it’s gluten free.

Here at this special home on the web you will find out about the craziness of our life, learn about eating to live and not living to eat, cooking gluten free, homeschooling and DIY and maybe a little bit of photography mixed in as well of course, and we can’t forget some amazing guest bloggers!

My husband and best friend just takes it all in and also adds to the crazy. He too is a Jesus loving funny guy, crazy about his kids, acts like one of the kids most of the time, loves our pets and sports.  He keeps us laughing all the time, works super hard, and commutes quite a way to his job, working long hours.  Yes, he likes his job!  I’m so crazy proud of him because there just aren’t any others quite like him.  It’s 99.9% doubtful he will ever guest blog on here!

I have been studying health and nutrition on my own for about 10 years now ever since my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had emergency brain surgery on Thanksgiving of 2006. Things happening around me were a wake up call.  So much cancer, so many tumors, so much obesity, epic amounts of kids being labeled ADD and ADHD (mine included), diabetes, and too many sicknesses to count.  After my son was born I began having many health issues that were miserable.  All of this coupled with my mom and her brain tumor, friends being diagnosed with cancer, my child being labeled ADD and so many other things; I became passionate about it wanting to learn as much as I could. I will go into the why’s, how’s and all of that in another blog post.

I will have a store at some point on here as well. There will be links to places where you can purchase any creations you see that you can’t live without! Links to recipes, gluten free of course and healthy.  And links to tons of other fun things!

Thanks for stopping by! I pray you become Wild Peace family and keep coming back!

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